Sunday, October 26, 2008

Michael Ballack Apologizes for Criticizing Joachim Loew on Unfair Treatment to the Seniors During Euro 2008

German captain Michael Ballack has recently apologized for his comment made on Coach Joachim Loew criticizing his unfair treatment to the senior members of the Germany squad during Euro 2008 tournament. However, the German captain has now realized that the comment he made on Loew has put his future in German national team in jeopardy. He has already apologized for his behavior publicly and to Joachim Loew over the telephone on Saturday. The two will meet in the next seven days to have a conversation on the issue.

In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) last week, Michael Ballack criticized Loew stating that there were some experienced players like Torsten Frings, Miroslav Klose and himself in Germany’s Euro 2008 squad and he thought the experienced members deserves at least some respect and loyalty, given their contribution and achievement for Germany. However, the German captain has recently said that he did not have any intention to attack Joachim Loew and there was nothing personal. He has claimed that he was trying to protect and support the fellow seniors in the team.

AFP reported:

"I must acknowledge it was unfortunately an error to chose this way (to communicate)," Chelsea midfielder Ballack said in a statement.

"I will meet with Joachim Loew as soon as my health allows and I will apologise to him for my behaviour……..

"I telephoned Jogi Loew again on Saturday and said it was never my intention to criticise his work as national team coach, but primarily to protect and support my fellow players in a difficult situation," said Ballack.

"I have a high opinion of Jogi Loew as a coach and a person.

"Comments in the interview were made due to the situation and were not meant to be personal.

"I did not want to attack anyone, but to openly address and criticise issues which were close to my heart.

"But I do not stand by the contents of that interview any more."

Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack is now recovering from a recent surgery on his foot. So, he is currently out of action for few weeks and will need some time recover fully before returning to action. However, Germany coach Joachim Loew has clearly indicated that Ballack’s future in the team now depends on the conversation they will have in near future.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Google’s G1, BlackBerry Storm and iPhone: Who will Win in Christmas?

With Google’s first ever mobile phone based on Android mobile platform hitting the market and BlackBerry coming up with its first ever touch screen handset, it is pretty much likely that there will be a hard-fought battle in the mobile phone market during the coming Christmas Moreover, Apple’s iPhone is already there to make it a stiff competition.

Google has launched its first ever mobile phone G1. The phone is based on Google’s Android operating system which is responsible to provide the users with the experience of a pocket computer in the little handset. T-Mobile has the exclusive right to bring Google’s G1 mobile phone into market. The mobile phone has been available in the US market from Tuesday and it will hit the UK market on this Thursday. Lots of mobile phone users are now in the queue to make their order for Google G1 mobile phone.

BlackBerry Storm, the first touch screen phone from BlackBerry’s volt, is also in the way to hit the market with some eye-catching features including a movie-quality display screen as well as memory which can store hundreds of movies. So, the touch screen handset will provide with huge entertainment for the users. Vodafone will exclusively present the new BlackBerry touch screen mobile phone.

Apple’s iPhone already holds a chunk of market share with 10 million iPhones being sold so far this year. Now, with the arrival of Google’s G1 and BlackBerry Storm, there are many who believe there will be a huge competition among the three companies in the Christmas. Moreover, other market leaders like Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have also triggered the battle, bringing some new handsets.

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David Beckham in AC Milan?

David Beckham is still a very popular celebrity but he’s not a great football are any more. It seems that he feels confident that there is still something to give up something to play for. At this moment, he’s with Los Angeles Galaxy in America. I don’t thing that America is the right place for David. He should be Europe and it seems that he’s trying to come to Europe. He’s not talking with and officials of AC Milan and if everything goes well then we might see him in Milan in January.

I really do not understand why David Beckham is going to Italy instead of England. I think that he should have gone to England to play for Arsenal or Chelsea. That’s right, I feel that he’s making another mistake in his football career.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Luis Aragones Struggling to Replicate His Euro 2008 Success at Fenerbahce

Luis Aragones is struggling to replicate his Euro 2008 success with Spanish national team at the helm of Turkish giant Fenerbahce. The Turkish club is struggling both in domestic league as well as in Europe. Recently, they suffered their first home defeat in 16 months in Champions League with visiting Arsenal demolishing Fenerbahce 5-2. Even Luis Aragones also failed to keep his team in the course of domestic title race as the Istanbul club is now at the 10th place in the Turkish Super League with only 9 points from 7 matches including 4 defeats and 3 wins.

Well, Luis Aragones led Spain to win their much sought-after European title this year with Spain defeating Germany 1-0 in the final thanks to goal from Fernando Torres. After the tournament, Aragones took up the managerial coach early in the summer, but following Fenrbahce’s poor run in both domestic league and Europe, many fans are already calling for sack of Aragones. So, the Euro winner coach is now facing a tough challenge in Turkey. Now, let us see if Aragones can boost up the confidence of Fenerbahce players and bring out success for the club as he did for Spain last July.