Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EURO 2008: No Place for Racism

I think that I do not need to introduce you Michel Platini. He is a football legend in world football. He played for France in the past and he amazed everyone in 1986 world cup. Platini also was the coach of France football team. He was also the vice president of French Football Federation. Now, Platini is the president of UEFA. So, he got an important position. Platini is no thinking about EURO 2008. He has promised that zero tolerance will be shown about racism. Racism was a big problem in the last few years in European football but there has been some improvement and many clubs and players have taken a strong attitude against racism. So, let us all hope that EURO 2008 will be without any kind of the racist behavior.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

German Midfielder Bernd Schneider Ruled out of EURO 2008

Ahead of this year’s EURO 2008, Germany has recently got a bad news. Their experienced midfielder Bernd Schneider will miss the tournament due to injury. The Bayer Leverkusen player recently suffered a slipped disc and undergone a surgery successfully, but will miss the remaining matches of his club this season. The club has cleared that Bernd Schneider would be back in training in July. So, it is sure that the midfielder is out of EURO 2008, which will be held in Austria and Switzerland.

Xinhuanet reported:

According to Leverkusen, a slipped disc has forced Schneider to undergo surgery in Hanover earlier on Friday, the surgery was successful, but Schneider will miss the last five Bundesliga matches.

Leverkusen announced that Schneider is expected to resume training in July, which would definitely rule him out of the Euro 2008.

Schneider, nicknamed as "White Brazilian", has played just 15 Bundesliga matches this season.

It is really a big blow for German football team as Schneider is one of the most experienced players in the current German side with 81 international appearances scoring four goals. Now, let us see if Germany can do well in EURO 2008 without Schneider in its squad.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nokia to Launch Music Library in Australia

Nokia is going to launch an internet-based music library in Australia where 2 millions songs will be available to buy. There will be songs of local artists as well. One can directly download songs to their 3G mobile phone from the library for which they have to pay $1.70 for a track and $17 for an album. The songs can also be downloaded to their PCs.

If you are really a music lover then you can subscribe to Nokia’s music library for $10 a month by which you will be able to enjoy all the songs stored in the library, but you can not download music under this service. Nokia music library is becoming a challenge for Apple’s iTunes, which is now the biggest music service in the world. Sean Colligan, Nokia's chief executive in Australia, has said that Nokia aims to be number one in music in Australia and in the world.

The Age reported:

Nokia's chief executive in Australia, Sean Colligan, said distribution deals had been done with three of the four global record companies — Universal, Sony-BMG and EMI — and negotiations were under way with Warner Music.

"We aim to be number one in music here and in the world," Mr Colligan said.

Entertainment has become much easier now. Apple first stepped into this market with its iPod and the idea of online music store or library has received incredible from the users. Now, it is common a scene to see people enjoying their favorite track even on the go and iPhone technology replaced once popular walkman. Now, let us see who wins the race, Apple or Nokia?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nokia 6212 Classic Mobile Phone to Feature NFC Technology for the First Time in Nokia Phone Set

Nokia has come up with its first NFC (Near Field Communications) equipped handset. Nokia 6212 Classic supports this short-range high frequency wireless communication technology. This slick looking mobile phone is expected to be available in the market in the second quarter of this year. Nokia 6212 Classic mobile phone comes with the price tag of 200 EURO.

Nokia 6212 Classic mobile set features a 2 inch 240×320 resolution display screen that produces 16 million colors. FM radio, Bluetooth, 2 megapixel camera, quadband GSM/EDGE, dual band WCDMA (850/2100 MHz) are also offered with this laptop.

Intomobile reported:

For 200 EUR in the third quarter of this year you will be able to pick up this device which has a 2 inch 240×320 resolution screen that displays 16 million colors, FM radio, Bluetooth, support for microSDHC, 2 megapixel camera, quadband GSM/EDGE, dual band WCDMA (850/2100 MHz), 1000 mAh battery and weighs only 88 grams while being relatively tiny at 114.7 mm x 47.1 mm x 14.5 mm.

Nokia was earlier announced to provide NFC technology in two of its earlier models but phone users have not got this technology yet in Nokia handsets. Now, let us see if Nokia keeps their words this time around with Nokia 6212 Classic set. This mobile looks slim and will be fit into pocket pretty comfortably.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sony Ericsson G700 Mobile Phone Set Received FCC Approval

The latest Sony Ericsson G700 mobile phone has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently. This mobile offers a number of attractive features including 5-way navigation key, buttons for volume control on the side of the mobile set, 3.2 megapixel camera on the back. However, it also sports a camera on the front, which allows its users to do video conferencing. Sony Ericsson G700 provides a stylus which makes navigation and writing e-mail easier for the users. This 3G mobile phone supports most of audio and video formats.

Mobilewhack reported:

The G700 comes with a Stylus, so navigation and typing out emails can be convenient. You can also use the stylus to pan photos. The phone is also a 3G phone. It supports the Memory Stick Micro (M2) for added memory up to 8GB. When connected to a computer, it will act as a USB mass storage device for convenient file transfer. There's also an integrated RSS feed reader!

Sony Ericsson G700 mobile includes all the common features of a modern day cell phone. Users can access to the internet can use it as a tool of entertainment as it supports video and audio formats. Now, it has received the approval of FCC. However, the price and the probable release date are yet to be revealed by the company.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nokia Predicts, India will Have Half a Billion Mobile Phone Users by 2010

India is one of the emerging mobile phone markets in the world. Recently, mobile phone giant Nokia estimated the country would have half a billion cell phone by 2010. No doubt, mobile phone market in India experienced a huge growth over the last few years and with reducing the price of phone set and call rate, the number of mobile users has been increasing significantly in India. Vice president and managing director of Nokia India, D Shivakumar said that 250 million users would use internet though mobile phone in India by the same period of time. Mr. Shivakumar also categorized the mobile phones used in India into three categories: high end, middle end and low end phones.

domain-b reported:

He added that the market would be divided into three categories: the top-end market segment would be limited to 50 million customers; the middle-end phone range would have 150 million customers while the remaining 300 million users would be using low-end devices. He said that the last-named category is ''unique to India'', and will be ''dominated by low-cost basic handsets with minimal functionality.''

India is now the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world with 6 millions new users being added every month. At this moment, there are 250 million mobile phone users in the country. However, users are not yet confirmed if the existing technologies will be developed for better service in the country.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smartphones Boost up Mobile Browsing Market

There has been a huge growth in mobile browsers over the last year because of the growing popularity of Smartphones gradually and it has been predicted that the mobile browser market would go up to 1.5 billion units in the world by 2013. This is mainly because of the number of mobile browsers which allows user to enjoy the Web 2.0' technologies. According to a recent research conducted by ABI Research, there will be a huge growth in the open internet browser (OBI) over the next five years. Different companies are coming up with new software for the mobile browsing to provide the users with PC based browsing experience. However, the research also pointed out that it was not yet possible to bridge the gap between mobile browser and PC based browser.

IT Pro reported:

It predicted that, while a large number of phones today still use browsers with very limited web browsing capabilities, growth in the open internet browser (OIB) segment for mobile will increase from 76 million in 2007 to nearly 700 million browsers delivered in 2013.

Michael Wolf, ABI Research director pointed to recently released commercial software from Opera, Openwave and ACCESS, in addition to those that use open source software, like Webkit, are opening up mobile internet to users without the limitations due to the traditional browser constraints of Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) service and its descendents.
"The focus today for mobile browser developers is to take advantage of the latest web standards while also developing solutions tailored towards the unique experience of using a browser on a mobile phone," he said.

Well, still I am optimistic regarding the progress of mobile browser. Smartphones are getting smarter gradually presenting new technologies which allow users to fell more independence while browsing in mobile. So, it is obvious that there will be a notable growth in the mobile browsing market in the years to come.

Scolari optimistic about Portugal in EURO 2008

Scolari is a very famous coach and he has coached the Brazilian national team to win world cup. Scolari recently said that Portugal had good chance in doing well in EURO 2008. It should be noted that Portugal is playing against Turkey in the opening day of EURO 2008. In the last few years, Portugal has become a very strong contender in European football. In fact in last EURO, Portugal almost won the championship but lost in the final to Greece and was runners up. This time many Portuguese fans are eager to see their team do better and become the champion. Well, in the recent days, they did not perform so well in friendly matches against Italy and Greece. In fact, they lost both the matches. This bad performance has not made Scolari pessimistic. In fact, he is upbeat about the prospect of Portugal in EURO 2008. He thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo will be a key player for EURO 2008. Ronaldo has been in top form in Manchester United this season and he is currently the highest goal scorer in English Premier League. So, let us see if Scolari’s prediction becomes true in EURO 2008.

EURO 2008 without England

There are only just two months left before the start of EURO 2008 football competition. This is perhaps the most famous and eagerly waited football competition after FIFA World Cup. In fact, most of the teams who played in FIFA World Cup are from Europe and they are going to participate in EURO 2008. One notable absentee is England national football team. You know that England football team failed to qualify for EURO. This matter made the supporters in England very unhappy. One of the problems that England is facing is shortage of quality players. In English premier league, most of the famous players are from other countries and not from England. In fact very few English players are paling in teams like Arsenal and Manchester United. The big problem is that no young player from England is becoming famous in international football. So, the English fans are worried that England may even miss qualifying for world cup football 2010.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Velocity Mobile 103 Phone Set Coming with Attractive Features

Smart phone manufacturer Velocity Mobile’s latest launch is Velocity Mobile 103 touch screen Windows Mobile phone. This touch screen smart phone has a number of attractive features. One of the most eye-catching features of Velocity Mobile 103 is its VGA screen and its trackball navigation is another notable features. It is sleek and gorgeous mobile set which its users would like to carry in hand to show off instead of keeping it in pocket.

Infosyncworld reported:

Pros: VGA screen looks luscious on handheld. Trackball? With touch? Wi-Fi and GPS.

Cons: Interface tweaks will get better over time, but are pretty basic now. Could be pricey without carrier subsidies.

Some other features of this phone include 3G networking, Wi-Fi and GPS. The phone is expected to hit the market with a competitive price tag, which is not yet revealed. Now, let us see if Velocity Mobile 103 can live up to the expectation of mobile users.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Samsung SCH-M470 Mobile Phone Features HSUPA to Provide 2Mbps Upload Speed

Samsung comes up with its first HSUPA (high-speed uplink packet access) enabled mobile phone. The Samsung SCH-M470 uses Windows Mobile 6.0. With HSUPA connectivity, this mobile set allows its users to upload data at up to 2Mbps. Samsung SCH-M470 mobile phone would offer HSUPA service through Korea’s SK Telecom. There are some more features to be included in this mobile.

With 2.1GHZ HSDPA and tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) GSM telephony, Samsung SCH-M470 includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, slide-out keyboard, a micro SD memory card and camera of two megapixel.

Windowsfordevices reported:

Other specifications released by the company for the SCH-M470 are few. The device features 2.1GHZ HSDPA and tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) GSM telephony, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It also includes a 2.4 touchscreen display, slide-out QWWERTY keyboard, microSD memory expansion, and a two megapixel camera.

HSUPA is an advanced technology of UMTS in uploading data at a high speed. So, Samsung SCH-M470 mobile phone users will have this advantage. It seems that this mobile phone is going to gain some momentum whenever it hits the market.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Motorola to Shut down Singapore Plant

Motorola is going to shut down its plant in Singapore. The US based widely know mobile phone manufacturer is now aiming at reducing its cost $500-million globally as the company going through a tough time now. With this move, 700 employees would lose their job. The company would start to close down its Singapore plant during the second quarter of this year which will be completed by the end of this year. Motorola said lat month that the company would split into two independent companies in order to revive its dominance in the market.

Hindustantimes reported:

"Motorola confirms that as, part of its strategic review of business operations, the company will begin a phased transition of its mobile phone manufacturing operations from Singapore to other Motorola facilities worldwide," company spokeswoman Lynn Chan said.

"This transition will enable Motorola to align the organisational structure with long-term plans to drive the business while continuing to provide its customers with high-quality products and services," she said.

However, Motorola confirmed that Singapore would remain as regional headquarters for software development, research and development, and business and corporate functions. Motorola lost its market share significantly over the last year. It was once the second largest mobile phone maker after Noika, but failed to hold on there being lost the place to Samsung. Now, Motorola is aiming to come back again with full swing, but this time Motorola wants to come with making its ground strong enough to face any challenge in the global market.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Review of Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone

Sony Ericsson, a joint venture of Sony and Ericsson, is offering 8 GB of storage with Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone set. This mobile set includes some more interesting features including 2.5in screen 119g of weight and touch screen capability. Even though it has touch screen capability, it includes a key pad at the bottom of the front side.

Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone offers 3.2 megapixel camera, GSM and HSDPA. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an FM radio are also included in the feature list of the phone set. With a walkman, users ca enjoy its music more efficiently. Using stylus users can also use touch controls while listening music. Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone is run on the Symbian Operating System.

If you want to read the full review of Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone, you can visit here.

Motorola Introduces “Smart Rider”: A GPS Supported Mobile Phone for the Drivers

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola is going to offer an attractive mobile phone set for the drivers. Named Smart Rider, the mobile phone will allow drivers to take helps of GPS technology while driving. Motorola Smart Rider is expected to come to market in June.

This mobile set also features some other significant offers for the drivers including interactive voice activation technology in order to make the journey more comfortable and drivers can get to use Bluetooth technology in this mobile phone. Via Bluetooth, users can share information and personal data automatically from the phone to a device placed in the vehicle. Up to three users can enjoy having access to personalized phone book settings.

Techgadgets reported:

By using the robust integrated microphone and speakerphone, users get to experience an amazingly clear and sharp sound. It comes with a 2.8-inch high resolution and vibrant color display.

“The Smart Rider is the next generation in-vehicle phone, designed to operate in unison with the user’s daily needs and environment. The phone re-defines what communication on-the-go is all about, and the main focus was placed on transforming the user experience. We are confident that the worldwide success of this flagship product will speak for itself,” mentioned Golan Haver, business unit manager for Motorola Car Phones.

Using GPS technology, drivers will be able to take help in turn-by-turn navigation, voice-guided driving instructions, on-screen directions, access to maps, current traffic reports, re-routing, location based services (LBS) etc. So, you can see that Motorola Smart Rider phone set will enable drivers to use the some of the best technologies while driving their vehicles. Well, the price is not yet confirmed. So, if you are a travel freak person then I think you are only waiting to know the price. Hold on your breath till Motorola markets Smart Rider phone set.

Yahoo in Mobile Phone Search Market with OneSearch 2.0

Search is market is perhaps the most lucrative market in the internet world today. Google has total dominance in the market and Google is the no. 1 player in the search engine field. Yahoo and Microsoft both are trying to get back some share from Google but it is not happening. Yahoo has taken initiative to make a strong presence in mobile phone search market. The number of mobile phone subscriber has raised more than 2 billion in the whole world but most people actually do not have internet facility in their mobile phone. This will change soon as more and more people are getting connected to internet with their mobile phone. So, Yahoo has taken the initiative to be the leader mobile phone search. Yahoo has introduced OneSearch 2.0 tool for mobile phone developers. This is an open search tool and that means that anyone can develop it and create application for it. This is a really a good tool from Yahoo and it will be helpful to spread mobile phone search in the whole world.

OneSearch 2.0 has other facilities too. For example, if you search a name of a person, it will bring result for you from social networking sites and by one even you can go to social networking sites like Face book directly from a mobile phone. This will save a lot of time for the users.

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EUROPASS: Official Ball of UEFA EURO 2008

EUROPASS is the name of the official ball of EURO 2008. You know that there are just two months left before the start of EURO 2008. This time the tournament will take place in Switzerland and Austria. So, the name PASS represents the connection between the two countries. EUROPASS has been made by Addidas and Addidas has made a number of official footballs for Europe and FIFA tournament.

The official EURO ball is now available in many countries across the world. If fact, if you have an Addidas shop near in your city or near your home then you can check the EUROPASS ball. It does not matter if you live in outside Europe because EUROPASS ball is available in Asia too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nokia N810: Internet tablet with WiMax

Nokia is one of the mobile phone companies that understood the potential of Internet services in mobile phones much earlier than others. Nokia N810 is an Internet Tablet that comes with WiMax facilities. You know that with WiMax, we can brose Internet very fast and remain wireless at the same time.

CNN wrote:

Once the capabilities of WiMax become better known, interest will increase as people use their devices and the long-range wireless connection in different ways, he said.

Nokia plans to make the new N810 available when Sprint launches its WiMax network, which operates under the Xohm brand. Staley estimated that Nokia would begin selling them around June. The device will retail at around the same price as the current version, or around $479, he said.

SO, it is good news for mobile phone users. The price is a bit but many people surely would not mind paying it if they can find good internet facility.

Euro 2008: Czech Republic vs Italy Final?

Who will win the championship of Euro 2008? Well, I really don’t know. Some people have started to make predictions from now and it seems that they know who will win the trophy of Euro 2008. Even they claim to know that who will play in the final.

According to Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) AG forest, in the final Czech Republic Beat Italy. Frankly, I have no idea what a Bank has to do with football prediction. Nevertheless, there is no problem to make predictions. If it becomes true then UBS can show off that their prediction has come true. If it does not come true then no problem. People will forget about it. So, it is a win-win situation after all.