Saturday, August 30, 2008

ICL bans will be overturned, What do you think?

Not only Abdul Razzaq, the former Pakistan allrounder, there are many cricketers for the different cricket playing countries in the world who has joined in the rebel ICL (India Cricket League). In a recent interview he told to the media that he has no repentance for banning for PCB to join ICL. The allrounder believe that ICL will be free form all kinds of International bans.

ICL players worldwide have been banned from playing international cricket but Razzaq was confident it would be lifted in due course. Since the ECB has allowed all its ICL players to honour their county commitments, he felt a change of guard within the PCB could result in something similar in Pakistan as well. Given India's powerful influence in the ICC, Razzaq said a change of heart from the BCCI would also help a great deal.

Someone think that only for BCCI’s pressure ICC has banned the ICL and the players who will join in this rebel Twenty20 formatted Cricket tournament. You will get a lot of information in internet media on behalf of the comment.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nokia is Still Leading in Cell Phone Market

Nokia is the top name in the handset market. You know that the demand for mobile phone is increasing all the time and it will increase for some more years as millions of people still do not have a mobile phone set.

The latest figures are out and it seems that Nokia has 41.1% share. So, it is doing very strongly in the mobile phone market.

Now the serious question is who can compete Nokia and decrease its market share? The funny thing is that Samsung is in distant second position with just 15% market share. Motorola is holding on to the third position but LG is closing the gap.

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